1. Conveyancing

A-BC New Quick and Easy Local Bank Product

Apsley-Bolton Computers, Inc. has been in business since 1991 and is known for easy intuitive software with screens that look like HUD’s and CD’s and responsive telephone support whenever you need our help. All possible calculations are done by the software and you can always edit the end product to meet the requirements of your Bank.    

Introducing the New A-BC Quick and Easy Product that enhances your dialogue with your Bank. As you can see from the opening screen below, you can create extensive notes of discussions with the Bank, and it provides details of the processor and originator automatically.

This is the first screen of the New Product:


2. Screenshot Main Menu (76)

We call it the 5 Minute CD Software because it guides you through entering and printing a CD in five minutes or less.

Just click on Add New Closing, and then follow the path through Seller Only CD, or Buyer/Seller CD or Buyer Only CD. The screen for each CD looks exactly like the CD document, just add your data and print.

Each CD page has instructions for entering data, best practice is to begin with page 1, and onto page 2, etc.

As soon as you have finished entering the data, click on Print, to print 2 pages or 5 pages, and all done.

This screen is the fastest route to producing a CD, clicking Other Data Entry takes you to the original data-entry screen and access to your existing TILA RESPA system for printing documents other than the CD.

If you would like more information, please call 978-779-5043  or respond at the end of this page.

A-BC Conveyancing Software

– a complete package providing closing documents/ or 2 – page HUDs meeting the TILA-RESPA CFPB requirements, Title Insurance calculations and documents, a disbursement sheet, tracking and reporting.

The following options are available:

The ALTA Settlement Statement Option is now available. This option is integrated into the A-BC Software, so that after you have entered the data you need for a Closing Disclosure, this data is also available for the Alta Settlement Statement documents. There are 4 versions of the documents: Buyer, Seller, Combined and Cash.
The cost of the option is $350 plus $21.87 mass sales tax, a total of $371.87. We can accept a Visa or Mastercard or check.
THE ALTA SETTLEMENT OPTION IS NOW PART OF THE QUICK & EASY PACKAGE, priced at $750 + S/T, plus $375 for one year telephone support. 
If you would like to see what the ALTA Settlement Statement documents look like you can go to www.Alta.org.
If you have any other questions, please call 978-779-5043.
Multi State (Massachusetts and Rhode Island) Option  providing conveyancing for Rhode Island and Masschusetts. State specific documents, title insurancerates and documents, towns, counties, etc.

New Hampshire Document Option providing New Hampshire state specific documents, title insurance rates and documents, NH towns, NH counties, etc.

Commercial Option providing data entry for commercial transactions  together with a set of commercial documents.

Marketing Option provides for the creation and mailing Marketing Letters to customers.

If you have questions, please call 978-779-5043 or enter your question below. We will reply to you by e-mail or by phone if you leave your number.

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